CS111 Law is a special section of  the intro  Computer Science course Program Design I (CS111) offered for the second time by the UIC Computer Science Department in collaboration with Professor Richard Warner of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. The class is for students who have no (or very little) previous programming experience.

This course will take its examples, the things that we write programs about, from law and privacy policy issues, ranging from encryption to predictive policing. It is team-taught by Computer Science Professor Sloan and the legal scholar Professor Warner and will include some introductory law and public policy content. The programming language is Python.

In this class you will learn to create and use programs in the Python language to analyze and illustrate various issues arising from law and public policy, with a particular focus on security and privacy. You will learn a little bit about “how to think like a lawyer,” and a lot about “how to think like a computer scientist.”

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